“Two scardeys" (two haipa) is an animation Diana and I made during a 2-day stop motion animation workshop. The inspiration of which comes from one of my pet phrases—I am scared(wo hai pa), what I always say to my roommate. as a native english speaker, Diana found “wo hai pa” was so interesting to pronounce. So we decided to make it a funny and happy adventure story for the two characters called Haipa, with surreal scenes and interesting sound effects. At the beginning and the end we also tried to play with the English and Chinese fonts. Combining the elements from different culture is a feature of our animation. However, because of the time limitation, we were not able to make it very understandable, but we thought it is good to keep it a little bit abstract and experimental. To our surprise, our classmates really enjoyed it before they fully understood it.
The story tells about how the two scardeys become not scared through their funny adventure.
Working with Diana
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